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Dr Abdullah Al Manun


Core Specializations

Dr. Abdullah has great experience in laparoscopic surgery, which he uses to remove gallstones using a computerized procedure, allowing him to treat a wide range of ailments and ensure patients receive the finest care. He employs cutting-edge technologies to conduct pain-relieving therapy. He’s also skilled in laparoscopic hernia surgery. Many of his patients achieved full recoveries and now live healthy lives. Dr. Abdullah has significant experience with laparoscopic appendicitis procedures and can do them with relative ease under the right instruction and the weight of his knowledge. Dr. Abdullah treats hydroceles. He’s also done several tumor surgeries. Dr. Abdullah is here to assist us through this period of uncertainty after tumor excision. Dr. Abdullah is skilled in removing piles, a painful and stressful procedure. If you have esophageal difficulties including perforation, cancer, or patch ingestion, see Dr. Abdullah. He’s skilled at removing gallstones, correcting anal fissures, and removing breast cancers and other benign disorders. His practice includes kidney stones, kidney tumors, renal fluid retention, thyroid splenectomy, varicose veins, the ureter and urinary tract, urinary tract stones, testicular fluid retention, malignancies, and eating patches.


Shin Shin Japan Hospital

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Aichi Hospital Ltd

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Kuwait Bangladesh Friendship Govt. Hospital

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